martes, 13 de mayo de 2014

C.I.A.M 3rd Primary and The DANONE Factory

A very good and educational time was had by all as we visited the DANONE factory in Aldaya today.
First, we listened to our factory tour guides explaining the history and the manufacturing processes of the DANONE factory.  This was accompanied by a short, explanatory video with Mr.Danone presenting 
(who is actually a yoghurt with feet, hands, eyes and a mouth).
After that, it was time to dress up in the proper hygienic factory uniform and watch the many assembly lines in the factory produce and package the different DANONE products.  It was amazing to see all the myriad of pipes, 
vats and machines necessary to make the yoghurts we buy at the supermarket.
Finally, it was time to eat some of that yoghurt we'd be dreaming about and work on a little project 
that we brought home to commemorate our visit.  Many thanks to our guides, Paula and Maria, 
and to DANONE for allowing us to look around behind the scenes.